Services we offer


At Precipito plumbing services, we carry out Installations and constructions of swimming pools,water tanks, toilets,faucets and all other plumbing fittings.

Maintenance and Repairs

We also carry out repairs and maintenance of various plumbing installations.

Training and Apprenticeship

Our top-notch and highly experienced staff is willing and able to train and mentor aspiring plumbers


We partner with construction firms all over nigeria in carrying out plumbing works.

About Us

Precipito Plumbing Services is an indigenous firm that provides B2B & B2C plumbing services with over 20 years of experience. We are ready to serve you at all times. Weekdays, weekends and during the holidays because we understand the urgency required in our line of work.

Our previous clients

At precipito plumbing services, we have worked for top organisations and institutions around the country.

Precipito Plumbing Services

Precipito plumbing servicesĀ is a company that specializes in all industrial and domestic plumbing works. We deal in all plumbing materials. Suppliers of various vertical and horizontal water pumps drain cleaning, repair and replace toilet, Jacuzzi bath, cubic shower, tubs showers water heater, water pressure regulator with booster pumps. Installation and repair of all plumbing sanitary […]